Novembre 2016

Yo! Our new holiday tune aptly titled: For the Holidays will be released this month (Thanksgiving-ish) so keep an eye out. It will be available at all the major digital music stores, or on our bandcamp site (just click on the music tab on our website to get there). We just ask that you promise to play the song in between Neil Diamond's "Little Drummer Boy" and Mariah Carrey's "All I Want for Christmas is You". Can you do that for us?

In other news, we've decided that we want to record even more music, so we will be getting together to write another song or two. No grand intentions, other than we like recording music. It's FUNZ! We'll keep you posted on these developments. In the meantime, you can follow our progress on Instagram, Twitter, and good ol' Facebook if you so choose.


October 2016

Hey. Good to have you back! We are currently recording a new holiday tune. We plan to release it just in time for the holidays. Stay on the lookout for that, but in the meantime, you can check out our new album Modern Despondence wherever digital music is sold. Go ahead and leave us a review if you wanna as well. Stay tuned for more live show dates, and for heavens sake enjoy yourselves.

September 2016

Hey friends, our new album Modern Despondence has officially been released. Be sure to give it a listen and/or purchase in the "music" section of our website, or at any of your favorite digital music vendors (itunes, google play, amazon, spotify, etc.). We will also have physical CD's available at live shows for those that miss the 90's (like us). Thank you to Jon Siebels, Aaron, Hubbard, and Brian Lucey for helping us bring this new album to fruition, and by all means tell your friends about it. Stay tuned for more live show dates as well.


NEW ALBUM release date (and other fun things)

The time has come. The release date for our new album Modern Despondence will be August 26th. This will be our third full-length album, and the first in four years. That's a lot of numbers to digest. Speaking of digestion, you can hear the first single off of the new album on our Soundcloud page right now. The actual link is this: (copy and paste into your bowser if necessary)

In addition to the release of the new album, we will be holding a FREE album release show on the rooftop of Alleged in Ogden, Utah (also on August 26th.) You should definitely come to it. You have been personally invited by us. Show details are available on our website. The album will be available on CD, and on all of your favorite digital download sites. Let's do this thing right. Spread the word!

July 2016

Hi folks. Our new album (still untitled at the moment) is expected to be completely mixed this month. This is exciting news for the entire world. We are leaning toward a possible release date at the end of August, but we'll have keep you posted on how things shake out. We have a couple of new band photo's up on the site as well, so I guess that's something. In conclusion, please check our live show schedule, as we have a couple of dates coming up that we are really excited about, and other shows sometimes pop up on short notice. Hope you are having a smashing summer.

June 2016

Hey friends, Catch us live on KRCL 90.9 FM on June 24th @ 8pm. We will be playing a few songs on Circus Brown's long running Friday night radio program "Not a Sideshow." We'll be playing a few songs off of the forthcoming album.

Album update: The album is about 70% mixed, and should be completed in the first week of July. There has been a break in the mixing as our mixer-dude Mr. Jon Siebels has been on tour with Eve 6 this summer. 

Be sure to follow us on FB, Instagram, Twitter etc. We have been posting live clips of performances, rehearsals, and other fun things.

May 2016

Well hello there. It's been a minute. Let's get you up to speed on all the "haps" shall we? In the latter part of March we went to Los Angeles and recorded 9 brand new songs with our pal Jon Siebels for a forthcoming album. It was wonderful, and magical, and all of that stuff. We had a proverbial blast during the entire process. We were also turned on to cinnamon tea tree oil tooth picks during the sessions, which I suppose is neither here nor there. But seriously, give 'em a try. A day after our return home to SLC, our very own MG (Michael Gross) underwent some pre-scheduled surgery on his knee from a previous basketball injury sustained a few months prior. Looks like those hoop dreams are gonna have to be put on hold for a while. As he spent most of the month of April recovering, the album began to be mixed, and the band took a bit of a break. Once the knee got a bit better, we started getting together once again to rehearse the new songs that we wrote and recorded so quickly, and to prepare ourselves for some upcoming summer gigs. We are officially now back in the swing of things, and just waiting on the remainder of the new songs to be mixed. Once they are ready, we will send them off to be mastered, and then ultimately have them packaged or whatever for your personal consumption. We really think you're gonna dig these new songs. They sound totally pro (thanks to Mr. Siebels), and it feels like the band is at it's best. Like a fine wine, we seem to get better with age. We've been posting little live snippets of the new songs on our social media pages, so if you're not already hip to that, maybe you should join the fun. Facebook: thestatuettes, Instagram: @mgstatuettes, and Twitter: @mgstatuettes. Here's looking forward to the new record, and to an eventful summer.  

March 2016

Hi friends. Exciting news this month, as this is the month we will begin recording our 3rd full-length album. Recording will take place in Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles by Aaron Hubbard, and Jon Siebels (Eve 6, FLYBYS). We took a different approach in writing this record, and honestly, we couldn't be happier with the way the process worked out. It's a cleche to say "this is our best stuff yet", but here it goes...."this is our best stuff yet". But don't take OUR word for it (reading rainbow). Excited for you all to hear it soon. Be good.

February 2016

Hey everyone, just a quick update on what is up with us. We are still hard at work preparing this new batch of songs to be recorded next month. We get more excited about these songs each time we play them. They will be recorded in Salt Lake and Los Angeles. We have a couple of demo performances of a couple of the new songs on our youtube channel. Look us up, and enjoy. Talk soon!

January 2016

Happy New Year! I guess it's been a couple months since we've updated you with band info, so here goes:

We have spent the last few months writing songs for a new full-length record which we are happy to say has been accomplished. For the most part, these songs were written on the spot, each time we met. We were curious to see what we could come up with in a 2 hour session, and if it were possible to write a decent song together with no preconceived ideas. We think it went quite well (better than expected actually) and are ready to start preparing to record them. This will be our first full-length release since 2012's "Sunset Beach." We very much look forward to completing this and getting it to you. As always, give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube if you wish. We update those regularly.

Here's to a new year!

September 2015

Happy September! Glad you could be with us. So we've decided to make a new record. We're not quite sure what it's going to sound like, or how long it's going to take us, but the goal is to try and write a new song, from scratch, each time we get together to rehearse. Just whatever comes out in a couple hour period, we are going to go with. It's sure to be a challenge, but it also seems like a lot of fun. You can stay updated on our progress by visiting us on our facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube pages. 

Secondly, our very own Michael Gross has given us a sneak preview of a new song he and a friend put together this summer. It's a power-pop dream. You can listen to it here:

Should be a fun season ahead. Hope you'll share it with us.

August 2015

Hi. Thanks to all of you who attended our performance at the Craft Lake City Festival this month in Salt Lake. It is a wonderful event, and we had a grand ol' time. This month we plan to start putting together a couple of new tunes, and see if a live show pops up. They often do unexpectedly. In the meantime, you should check out our YouTube channel . We've recently uploaded a couple of new live video's from our rehearsal space. It's the next best thing to seeing us in person. Enjoy the remainder of your summer!

July 2015

Hi. It's that time of year again. You know, the July time of year. That being said, we have a couple of cool shows for you this month. 

First...We will be performing at a pre-4th of July party in Sandy, UT on July 3rd. It's a backyard house party of sorts, and all are welcome. If you live in the area, you should stop by. Show details in our "shows" section. Let's kick off our country's birthday the right way.

Second...we have been invited to play at this years Underground Music Showcase in Denver, Colorado on July 25th and 26th. This is a top notch festival for local, regional, and national independent artists, that always delivers the goods. Visit our "shows" section for more details as they become available. Also visit for festival details and ticket info. 

That's all for now, so try and stay cool. and we hope to see you at a show.

June 2015

Howdy. Thanks for stopping in. We hope you are kicking off your summer in style. We will be kicking off our summer with a performance at the Ogden Arts Festival in Ogden, UT on Friday, June 12th. We are scheduled to perform at 5pm at the Ogden Amphitheater downtown. This is a wonderful event, and one that we are looking forward to. Music, food, arts and crafts, it's got it all. Admission is free, and all ages are welcome. We hope to see you there! Remember, you can stay up to date with all things Statuettes on our various social media pages. You can find them here:

Twitter: @mgstatuettes


Instagram: @mgstatuettes



May 2015

Well hello there. Thanks for stopping by. A couple of things for your information: We are being featured as X96 FM's local band of the month for May, and you can check out an exclusive performance, and interview pertaining to this here: It should be available Monday, May 4th. Share the love. 

Secondly, we will be celebrating this fine news with a live performance at Club 50 West (50 W. 300 S. SLC, UT. Located on the bottom level of the Broadway Media Tower) on Friday, May 8th with some fine local bands (Ghost Logic, Book On Tape Worm, Big Wild Wings). Show starts around 8pm, and The Statuettes are slated to go on around 9:30. 18+, and $5 at the door. Adult beverages will be available for those who are 21+. Hope you can make it.