January 2016

Happy New Year! I guess it's been a couple months since we've updated you with band info, so here goes:

We have spent the last few months writing songs for a new full-length record which we are happy to say has been accomplished. For the most part, these songs were written on the spot, each time we met. We were curious to see what we could come up with in a 2 hour session, and if it were possible to write a decent song together with no preconceived ideas. We think it went quite well (better than expected actually) and are ready to start preparing to record them. This will be our first full-length release since 2012's "Sunset Beach." We very much look forward to completing this and getting it to you. As always, give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube if you wish. We update those regularly.

Here's to a new year!