May 2016

Well hello there. It's been a minute. Let's get you up to speed on all the "haps" shall we? In the latter part of March we went to Los Angeles and recorded 9 brand new songs with our pal Jon Siebels for a forthcoming album. It was wonderful, and magical, and all of that stuff. We had a proverbial blast during the entire process. We were also turned on to cinnamon tea tree oil tooth picks during the sessions, which I suppose is neither here nor there. But seriously, give 'em a try. A day after our return home to SLC, our very own MG (Michael Gross) underwent some pre-scheduled surgery on his knee from a previous basketball injury sustained a few months prior. Looks like those hoop dreams are gonna have to be put on hold for a while. As he spent most of the month of April recovering, the album began to be mixed, and the band took a bit of a break. Once the knee got a bit better, we started getting together once again to rehearse the new songs that we wrote and recorded so quickly, and to prepare ourselves for some upcoming summer gigs. We are officially now back in the swing of things, and just waiting on the remainder of the new songs to be mixed. Once they are ready, we will send them off to be mastered, and then ultimately have them packaged or whatever for your personal consumption. We really think you're gonna dig these new songs. They sound totally pro (thanks to Mr. Siebels), and it feels like the band is at it's best. Like a fine wine, we seem to get better with age. We've been posting little live snippets of the new songs on our social media pages, so if you're not already hip to that, maybe you should join the fun. Facebook: thestatuettes, Instagram: @mgstatuettes, and Twitter: @mgstatuettes. Here's looking forward to the new record, and to an eventful summer.